This is where you should answer the most common questions prospective customers might have. It’s a good idea to cover things like your return policy, product warranty info, shipping and returns, etc. Check out the examples below.

Why should I choose Millennium Construction to build my new home?

Millennium Construction provides some of the highest quality homes in our area. All homes are built with an Energy Star Certification ensuring that your home is 25-30% more energy efficiennt than a standard home built to building code. Since 2007, we've been winning Gold Awards from the Greensboro Builders' Association for their commitment to beautiful and creatively designed homes. You will also receive personal attention from your builder. Jennifer single-handedly manages your project from start to finish. She is 100% committed to providing you with the home that makes your dreams come true.

Do I get to make all of the selections?

Yes, and we will guide you from beginning to end. We also provide a professional designer's hours to help make the process easier and more convenient for our buyers.

How long should I expect it to take to build my home?

You'll want to allow approximately 5-6 months from the time construction begins, depending on weather and other factors.